kansas city restoration services


Whether removing scratches and tarnish to restore original luster or completely changing the finish (such as blackening steel or transforming bronze to rubbed oil bronze), you can count on us to update your space and improve impressions of your property.

Custom Patina Finishes

We are proud to be among the few skilled artisans who can hand apply custom patina finishes to existing or newly fabricated metal. We create finishes as special and unique as those who envisioned them. Our finishes add incredible value to any project or property. You have seen our work on notable statues around Kansas City.

Building Restoration Kansas City

Custom Color Coatings

We can give a professional, upscale appearance to your existing anodized aluminum doors or other metal fixtures. We use highly durable materials with UV protectant to ensure the projects are impressive for years to come.

Orbital Designs

Orbital designs add texture and patterns get attention. They are not only unique, but they provide a good way to camouflage wear and minor damage in highly trafficked areas, such as parking garage elevators. While they provide a high-end appearance, they require less maintenance, making them an affordable option.


When a piece is new or newly refinished, it is wise to maintain that appearance with regular maintenance. With 2 or 3 touch-up and wash and wax visits per year, we can help you maintain that impressive appearance and save you money in the long run. KC Restoration has monthly payment options available to help keep maintain your building’s appearance all year long.  


We work on stainless steel, bronze, brass, copper, as well as cold rolled and hot rolled steel. Whether new or antique, we can advise you on the best finish to achieve your design goals as well as the care and maintenance of your elements.