As the new coronavirus omicron variant continues to spread across the country, a new survey of 1,600 Americans reveals a clean workplace is still a top priority for those returning to work.  The survey conducted by the Cleaning Coalition of America finds that U.S. workers increasingly value enhanced cleaning of the workplace —a sentiment shared by both vaccinated and unvaccinated Americans. An overwhelming majority—93.4%—of vaccinated respondents and 82.2% of unvaccinated respondents cited workplace cleanliness as important as employees return to the office.

“American workers experienced a turbulent year that has forever changed their expectations around workplace safety,” Cleaning Coalition of America President Josh Feinberg said in a December 9 survey results announcement. “As employees return to the workplace, it is more critical than ever that businesses rethink their cleaning best practices and adopt a more holistic view of safety that prioritizes worker well-being. Both current and prospective employees need to know that their employer will not sacrifice worker health for an improved bottom line.”  Almost two years into the pandemic, nearly half of Americans—43%— still have lingering concerns about returning to the workplace. In fact, 38.3% of respondents would consider changing their jobs if the workplace was not cleaned properly.

KC Restoration can help improve a facility’s cleanliness and appearance.  Deep exterior cleaning greatly improves the health and safety of occupants by removing dirt, grease, bacteria, mold, dust and other contaminants that can cause respiratory issues or slip and falls when on stairs or other walking areas.  Floor cleaning and coatings can also improve the appearance, heath, and safety of your facility by increasing the coefficient of friction.  Other surfaces such as metal and wood that are regularly maintained can ensure a clean and inviting facility awaits your returning workers and tenants.