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KCR provides a wide variety of refinishing and specialty cleaning services. Our team of experts can restore and maintain the luster and beauty to aged or damaged metal, stone or wood surfaces. We are one of a few companies nationwide that employs trained patina specialists to create customized finishes on metal surfaces. Our team also provides deep cleaning of exterior surfaces and affordable escalator cleaning and pressure washing services for exterior surfaces.
We work on stainless steel, bronze, brass, copper, as well as cold rolled and hot rolled steel.  Whether new or antique, we can advise you on the best finish to achieve your design goals as well as the care and maintenance of your elements.


Our technicians are highly skilled in maintenance and refinishing for all types of metal finishes including satin, mirror, oxidized, patina and non-directional. Our proven and time-tested methods eliminate wear and tear damage, remove scratches, repair finishes from misuse or vandalism, and restore architectural metal to its original luster. KCR’s experienced teams have the knowledge to develop proven, cost-effective maintenance programs to preserve, enhance and beautify your property.


Whether removing scratches and tarnish to restore original luster or completely changing the finish (such as blackening steel or transforming bronze to rubbed oil bronze), you can count on us to update your space and improve the impressions of your property.


We are proud to be among the few skilled artisans who can hand apply custom patina finishes to existing or newly fabricated metal. We create finishes as special and unique as those who envisioned them.  Our finishes add incredible value to any project or property.  You have seen our work on notable statues around Kansas City.

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We can give a professional, upscale appearance to your existing anodized aluminum doors, handrails, benches or other metal fixtures. We use highly durable, industrial strength materials with UV protectant to ensure your project is impressive and long-lasting. 

Metal Graining Designs

Texture and patterns in metal graining really gets attention. Non-directional graining is not only unique, but provides a good way to camouflage wear and minor damage in high traffic areas such as parking garage elevators. While this custom service provides a high-end appearance, it requires less maintenance, making it a cost-effective option.

Monuments and Statues

Monuments and statues are components of many facilities that are often historic and artistic pieces that provide an important visual display. KCR respects the artistry, history and public settings of statues while addressing the atmospheric conditions that cause statues to fade, tarnish and rust. From weather barrier to stylized ornamentation, the dimension, variety and application of architectural metals demand meticulous attention to detail and creative artistry to safeguard and ensure design integrity.

Interior Stone

Whether you have granite, terrazzo, marble or travertine, you can trust us to bring back its shine and beauty. We have worked on historic projects including 100-year-old terrazzo in a school being converted to a coworking space. We deep clean, polish, dustless grind, restore and/or seal and impregnate to enrich color. We know and comply with OSHA silica regulations.


Wood is constantly deteriorating due to use, wear, moisture, pollutants, abrasion and other factors. Wood that is regularly touched will turn dark due to body oils and dirt while wood exposed to sunlight will fade. Refinishing can restore the appearance and regular touch up can delay restoration and should begin before signs of wear are obvious. Heavy oil and wax may temporarily hide maintenance issues that need to be addressed. However, a professional maintenance program without heavy wax that provides regular commercial cleaning along with occasional touch up including nick and scratch removal is the best way to extend the beauty and longevity of your wood’s surface. Regardless of the age or condition of your wood, we are happy to help you create a customized plan to regain and maintain your wood’s appearance.

Exterior Stone and DEEP CLEANING 

Discolored, dark, dirty limestone walls are a common issue for many facilities.  KCR employs proprietary methods and specialty deep cleaning materials that kill biological growth and atmospheric staining.  Our services provide an extended period of a clean appearance.  Highly conscious of the long-term damage high volume water and chemical use can do, our team uses appropriate amounts of water, a hot water system and environmentally safe solutions.

Maintenance Contracts

Regular maintenance can preserve appearance and delay expensive refinishing.  Our contracts can be written to provide visits throughout the year from refinishing, to touch up and wash and wax.   This ensures that your surfaces maintain a cared-for appearance, and you aren’t waiting until it is unsightly and impacting the reputation and value of your space before problems are addressed.

Refinishing annually is less labor intensive and expensive than doing so every 2-3 years. Many choose to divide the annual cost into monthly payments as it gives them a predictable, regular cost with payment that can be generated automatically.

  • Maintains Appearance
  • Less Expensive
  • Monthly Payments

Escalator Cleaning

We can offer you a more convenient and less expensive alternative to dismantling your escalator to have it pressure washed, which requires taking it out of commission for weeks.  We have a specialty escalator cleaning machine that cleans steps and risers simultaneously, cleaning the escalator in one shift, after hours – meaning no downtime for you. If you have avoided cleaning because of the cost and inconvenience, you now have the opportunity to improve the impression your building makes by cleaning the steps that people observe closely before they step on.  It can also be an effective, budget-friendly supplement to your current escalator cleaning program.