stone cleaning

Interior Natural Stone

At KCR, we possess the expertise to perform thorough cleaning, grinding, and polishing for a wide array of flooring materials, including marble, limestone, terrazzo, travertine, and polished concrete. Don’t hesitate to inquire about protective measures for your floor. Our track record includes revitalizing century-old terrazzo, demonstrating our ability to rejuvenate your stone surfaces. Our comprehensive services encompass deep cleaning, polishing, dustless grinding, restoration, and sealing or impregnating to enhance color. We prioritize safety, ensuring compliance with silica regulations throughout our processes.

Exterior Stone

Revitalize the exterior of your building through our comprehensive cleaning and protective services, suitable for a wide range of surfaces, including limestone and metal. We employ exclusive techniques and specialized materials designed to eliminate biological growth and atmospheric staining, ensuring a prolonged period of a pristine appearance. Our approach involves the use of precisely calibrated hot water and environmentally friendly solutions, preventing the potential long-term damage often caused by excessive water volume and harsh chemicals. Discover the distinction in our services—our exterior treatments maintain a cleaner appearance for an extended duration compared to traditional pressure washing methods.



Leveraging our expertise in stone types and keen awareness of wear patterns, we can provide informed guidance on the most effective processes and strategies to preserve your stone’s natural luster. At KCR, we recognize the significance of working within our customers’ budgetary constraints. Thus, we extend a variety of flexible payment alternatives, including monthly or quarterly payment plans, as well as pay-per-service options, ensuring that our services remain accessible and budget-friendly for all our clients.