ElevatorAt KC Restoration we want to help your business make a shining first impression by refreshing your metal interiors or exteriors. Check out what we did in Kansas City’s Crossroads Arts District. When the Vitagraph Film Exchange Building underwent a large-scale renovation, transforming a historic warehouse into a mixed-use facility housing retail and office space, KC Restoration was selected to refinish the bronze elevators, water fountains, and stair step tread. MC Realty and the building’s owner wanted their historic Art Deco building looking its most beautiful, from the exterior to the elegantly appointed interior. We’re proud to be a part of delivering their shining first impression as this once 1930s film storage building transformed into an environmentally friendly downtown office building. If the metal accenting your building has also become hidden behind years of use or mishaps, contact KC Restoration at (913) 766-2200 to reveal that hidden beauty in your metal interiors or exteriors.

Elevator Water fountains