The Kansas City area had some strong storms and wind pass through last week. Many facilities were damaged including our own KC Restoration building.  The strong winds tore off part of our HVAC unit on the roof which required the need for some quick repairs.

Having a plan in place to respond to a damaged building is essential to address issues efficiently.  Protecting data and business information systems is critical to keep operations running as smooth as possible.

Benefits of a disaster recovery plain include:

  1. Drastic reduction of restore times and lower RTO & RPO
    2. Limit the losses due to revenue reduction or other costs
    3. Minimize the interruption of critical processes and safeguard business operations
    4. Avoid to compromise the business reputation
    5. Define simplified processes of action to face unexpected situations and predict a controlled resume to operations

Having a plan in place in addition to having our list of vendors and partners ready helped us navigate or repairs quickly.  Here are a few vendors you should have contact information readily available:

  • Roofing company
  • Insurance agent
  • Attorney
  • Flooring contractor
  • Disaster recovery company
  • Restoration contractor
  • Data recovery professionals
  • Bank

If you experienced any damage from the storms last week and need any repair or clean-up services, contact KC Restoration today!