As the country comes together to slow the spread of the corona virus with multiple sanitary practices including hand washing, wearing masks, and social distancing, companies that perform cleaning services are considered essential. Deep cleaning exterior maintenance provides many health benefits as it removes contaminants, pollutants, dirt and grime and greatly improves the image and appearance of the facility. Property and facility managers working from their home office can still maintain their building exteriors during the Covid-19 pandemic.

There are several exterior maintenance tasks that companies can perform while maintaining all of the safety protocols mandated by the CDC. All of these services, performed on exterior surfaces only, are ones that can easily be done while observing all of the safety and social distancing guidelines. Deep exterior cleaning of stone and brick walls, walkways, handrails and other exterior surfaces can be cleaned and restored to remove rust, dirt and other contaminants to make these surfaces look like new again.

Property and facility managers do not need to neglect their buildings during this pandemic. With buildings having increased vacancies during normal business hours, many cleaning and restoration companies have been able to assist customers by shifting work that would normally be scheduled during the weekend to a workday.

Keep the properties you own or manage in top-notch condition by having the essential cleaning businesses clean and maintain our properties while adhering to all of the rules and safety regulations set forth by our local jurisdictions. Businesses like ours can help keep the outside of your buildings clean and help keep the people in and around them healthy. For more information, contact KC Restoration today!