Elevators, escalators, and moving walks are all seen as soon as a tenant or visitor walks into a facility. Everything else in your building can be spotless, but if these systems are left dirty or unkempt, people will notice. Often, it’s these areas that lead people to question whether or not your building and workspace is truly clean.

Aside from improving your workspace’s overall appearance and cleanliness, choosing to keep these areas free of dirt and debris can help minimize mechanical maintenance costs, lower the average price of sanitation, and ensure customers’ safety.

Escalators require proper lubrication to operate, but the lubrication can cause these structures to become slippery over time. Regular, scheduled cleaning can help keep your customers safe by removing the excess grease and eliminating their chances of slipping after exiting.

The treads and risers in all escalators are magnets for dirt and grime. As this debris builds up, it can wreak havoc on the internal mechanisms of the engines. Keeping these parts thoroughly cleaned can help you avoid costly and premature repairs while also keeping ongoing maintenance costs low.

The KC Restoration team is often able to clean escalators in one shift, requiring little downtime.  For more information, contact us today!