KC Restoration Culture Series – each month we are highlighting a different company value. February is often associated with love and friendship because of Valentine’s Day. Tiny conversation candy hearts can communicate a lot! To celebrate February,  we are highlighting KC Restoration’s value of Communication.

Our Value of Communication: Only through successful, frequent communication can we understand and be understood:

  • We expect a timely response to all communication.
  • Give job updates in the manner requested.
  • Concerns need to be addressed.
  • Constructive criticism is always welcome; grumbling is not.

How do you handle feedback? Do you accept it, get angry, ignore it or question it? A big piece of communication is providing feedback to others. It is human nature to make mistakes, and we don’t always find or see our mistakes. Feedback is often communicated with the best of intentions, but sometimes it’s difficult to hear.

If you believe the one giving feedback has your best interest at heart, then it might be a good idea to look at why we struggle with receiving feedback. Sometimes we need to be honest with ourselves and find the truth in the message. Things to ask ourselves when receiving feedback:

  • Is the feedback coming from observation or interpretation? Sometimes we look at information differently.
  • Is the person communicating the feedback providing advice, consequences, or expectations?
  • Do I have a bias toward the person giving me the feedback?
  • What’s the story (thoughts or feelings) I’m telling myself about the feedback or the person giving the feedback?
  • Has a past experience influenced the way I am viewing the feedback provided?
  • Do I have a forever bias that doesn’t allow me to see a positive outcome the next time I’m faced with a similar situation?
  • Am I magnifying the feedback to all situations and everyone?
  • What is the actual feedback (seek out the facts of the feedback)?

Feedback is often the only way we learn about our weaknesses—without it we can’t improve. When we’re defensive, instead of accepting and gracious, we run the risk of missing out on this important insight. Remember, feedback’s not easy to give and it’s certainly not easy to receive, but it’ll help us now and in the long run.

“Seek first to understand, then to be understood” – Dr. Stephen R Covey

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