From our CEO LeAnn Luemmen:

When being interviewed for one of our awards, I was asked “What is one word that best describes your business?” I said “Improvement.” Improvement is what we do – improving appearances, perceptions, and property values in Kansas City. It is also our engrained in our culture. Through assessing, training, reflection, and research, we are always improving, both as individuals and as a team. We aspire to be excellent all the time, but we sometimes don’t meet our aspirations. We are committed to continuous improvement and never consider ourselves or our work “good enough.” It is not sufficient to be better than others.

America, and we as Americans, should  embrace the value of improvement.

We must admit our failures and not settle on being better than someone else.  Instead, let’s assess, reflect and learn to create more successful ways for us all to experience “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness “.

History is an important tool in the improvement process. It is important to remember our failures (slavery, in this instance) and the steps we have made forward (abolition, although delayed). We also need to commit to improving how we view and treat others.

KC Restoration is committed to giving back to our community. To assist us in learning and reflecting of our history,  we are donating a copy of the picture book Juneteenth for Mazie by Floyd Cooper to every elementary school in the KCMO district. Please contact us at KC Restoration for any questions or comments!