To make details like lettering, symbols, or logos pop on metal signage, there are a number of options to choose between. As you can see in this first photo, paint relief could be applied to the foreground or lettering. KC Restoration used this technique on the logo shown in a bronze elevator at the Centennial Building managed by MC Realty Group.

Elevator detail

Another option is for the background to receive the paint relief. That’s what our client’s needed for this restored bronze sign outside the Plaza Theatre now Restoration Hardware Building in the Country Club Plaza. Both of these paint relief techniques really bring out the graphic details.

Plaque restoration

Accenting finishes can also bring out logos by applying a mirror finish to one portion and satin finish to others. The different types of finish emphasize details whether foreground against a background or patterns within the logo or sign. KC Restoration’s experience with bringing out the best in metals can help your signage really get notice and not just slip into the background. If you have any other questions, we would be happy to provide greater details or discuss your particular needs. Call us at (913) 766-2200.