Dogwood Canyon windowsCan you tell the difference between the windows in this picture? The lower portion of windows weren’t originally there! Decker Builders contracted KC Restoration to match the finish of new window frames to 66 existing windows already installed. The owner decided during construction that additional windows were needed so visitors could better enjoy the beautiful views of stream and forested hills in Dogwood Canyon. The window frames were fabricated of brass; KC Restoration’s highly talented technicians applied a rubbed oil bronze finish that resulted in a perfect match. We’re so proud of the work that we want to show it off. We’re also proud to have our work included in this outstanding building project by Decker Builders. Having truly enjoyed working with Roy Decker, we know that they are making one of Missouri’s most gorgeous sites even better.

If you’ve never visited Dogwood Canyon Nature Park in Lampe, MO, you’ve definitely missed out. From its beginnings in 1990 when Johnny Morris, Bass Pro Shops’ founder, purchased the first portions of rugged Ozark wilderness, the park has grown to 10,000 acres. Alongside preserving natural plant and wildlife, the park presents visitors with numerous opportunities to explore this unspoiled paradise: fishing, stables, segways, biking and hiking through a canyon marked by numerous waterfalls. They are currently finishing extensive renovations to complete a fabulous new Welcome Center, Grist Mill, Canyon Grill, education center, treehouse, and Little Indian Stables set to open this spring. So if you want to enjoy a wonderful family experience this year, take the opportunity to visit Dogwood Canyon!