The city of Prairie Village, Kansas dates back as far as 1858 when the Porter family bought 160 acres of farmland where they worked and raised their family. The area soon became populated and the original Prairie School was built in 1882. The city now has a population of over 22,000 and is known for its older homes and tree-lined streets.
The current trend in Prairie Village, like many other older cities, is to tear down older homes and replace them with new construction homes. The look and the feel of the city is changing and HOA’s are working hard to keep exterior signs, monuments and landscaping appear fresh and inviting.
The Prairie Village subdivision, Prairie Fields, has one stone monument with metal letters and 5 metal signs placed throughout the neighborhood. The signs suffered years of wear and tear from the outdoor elements including water and sun and needed a facelift.
Services were performed both on-site and at the KCR shop. The aluminum letters were refinished on the neighborhood signs while the borders were cleaned, primed and coated with industrial black coating and a clear coat. The large monument letters were cleaned, primed and coated with anodic black and an industrial clear coat.
The signs all now look fresh and new creating and inviting appearance and first impression for the neighborhood. If your HOA is looking to freshen up the neighborhood exterior surfaces, contact KC Restoration today for a free estimate.