Downtown Olathe is home to one of the metro’s gorgeous fountains that features the bronze “Children of the Trails” statue by local artist Kwan Wu. KC Restoration’s technicians recently had the honor of refinishing the sculpture as well as the circular steel water feature and decorative rockwork at its base . All the figures from the pioneer boy and girl running Westward to their dog and the birds flying overhead received a specialty patina wax treatment to enliven and protect the metal artwork. Refinishing of the rainbow-like arches that support the figures included removing rust and realigning grain of the stainless steel. The greater level of rust on the base steel circle due to its function in creating the fountain’s waterfall was cleaned, bringing back the metal’s beautiful brightness and random graining patterns that emulate the eddies and flow of water. Technicians also deep cleaned the limestone cap circling the fountain edge, the granite boulders and riverrock that build the effect of a Kansas stream. Our thanks to the Johnson County Government team who support such public art in our hometown and who could not have been better to partner with for this project!