There are currently 63 registered historical landmarks across Kansas and Missouri.  These designated historic facilities and areas create a cultural and positive impact in the communities where they are located. The preservation of commercial properties improves neighborhoods, instills community pride, and maintains the history of the people and events that occurred there.  Preserving historic buildings is an important piece to understanding our nation’s history and culture.
In addition to several incentive programs offered by local state governments, historic preservation also helps to fuel local and state economies with tourism and job creation.   It is also an environmentally responsible practice. The reuse of existing buildings prevents new constructions, saving energy, materials, and money.
Proper historic restoration and preservation take a lot of expert skill and knowledge.  It affects all who perform the restoration and those who observe the beauty.   Successful preservation practices and maintenance programs require expert consultation with a variety of and close collaboration that could include technical specialists, architects, owners, occupants, property management personnel, and preservation professionals.
KC Restoration has the knowledge and expertise to restore statues, monuments, plaques, and sculptures.   Our team also restores historical  elements in facilities such as floors, elevators and other metal, stone or wood surfaces.  Contact us today for more information.