Sometimes keeping your building’s exterior and outdoor finishes looking their best can feel like a battle against Mother Nature. The harshness of this past winter required more than the average use of ice melt; together the two are a powerful one-two combination pummeling the beauty of the metal, stone, and wood accenting any outdoor space.

The chemicals in de-icers or other cleaners interact with metal accents causing problems and rust that may spread to surrounding stone and concrete surfaces. Air pollutants darken building exteriors gradually over time until the unsightly atmospheric staining detracts from all the other investments made to a property. The spring season is the perfect time to evaluate what pressure washing and deep cleaning services will both counteract the effects of exposure to nature’s elements and protect your property investment.

These before/after photos show the often extreme difference that can be seen after KC Restoration’s services to remove biological growth and atmospheric staining. Alongside powerful hot pressure washing systems, we utilize environmentally friendly deep-cleaning chemicals and sealers to extend that clean, welcoming look that everyone respects in a well-maintained property.



Spring, in the weeks prior to turning on water, is also the perfect time to address maintenance of your fountain’s finishes. The stone and metal hidden the rest of the year under fountain water will have additional chemical build-up and staining that shouldn’t just be ignored until issues finally show above the water level. By then, the damage below may be more extensive than you think.

Calcium build-up staining a fountain wall

Regular seasonal maintenance is key as your spaces continue to be exposed to Mother Nature. Ignore those annual needs, thinking you will save in the short term, will instead lead to greater expenses later. Depending on when you address problems, more expensive deep-cleaning products may drive up the cost of professional cleaning and refinishing services, calcium build-up may lead to brittle surfaces, or irreversible damage may require even more costly replacement options.

Contact KC Restoration’s team of refinishing experts to get more detailed information or a personalized inspection of your property to get starting punching back nature’s effects on your building finishes.