KC Restoration completed many projects during 2021 that beautified our community. Several metal, wood, stone and exterior surfaces were refinished and restored around the Kansas City area, adding value and appeal to many properties.  While it was a tough choice, our team decided the work performed at the Russell Stover office building was our project of the year!

Russell Stover has a rich history dating back to 1923 when Clara and Russell Stover began making candies in their Denver home.  A year later the couple opened a few stores in Colorado, Nebraska, and Missouri. The business expanded rapidly and the first factory began operations in Kansas City, Missouri. In 1932, all company operations relocated to Kansas City. The headquarters facility has been located here in our community for almost 100 years. The company continues to make a wide variety of chocolates that are sold nationwide.

The current company headquarters near the Country Club Plaza is over 77,000 SF and was built in 1958.  The 3-story facility was in need of some updates including a deep exterior cleaning to improve its appearance and first impression. Many years of harsh weather, dirt, and other outdoor contaminants stained the building’s exterior which sits on a major intersection and is quite visible to those passing by.  The task of cleaning the vast areas of limestone, brick, and granite entailed a complex process of using specialized lifts, chemicals, and equipment over several weeks.

The KC Restoration team was able to dramatically improve the appearance of the building’s exterior and additional updates are happening in the building’s interior. Little by little, the company is providing a facility that is clean and appealing for its employees and visitors alike. The company history, its dedication to the facility, and KC Restoration’s successful outcome at this prominent facility make it our 2021 Project of the Year!