KCR recently dedicated time and its refinishing expertise to support a local charity foundation. The Chartrand Foundation focuses on enriching the lives of our community’s youth. It is committed to empowering today’s children, young men, and young women through sports and motivational initiatives.

Enriching Lives Through Sports and Motivation

The Chartrand Foundation is driven by several core beliefs. It holds firm to the idea that opportunities are essential for the flourishing of children and young adults. It recognizes the pivotal role of sports in fostering development and boosting self-esteem for individuals of all backgrounds. Moreover, they maintain a perspective that although global change seems daunting, impacting and enhancing small aspects of the world, even one person at a time, is achievable.

Local, Regional, and Global Impact

The organization’s impact extends locally, regionally, and globally. It provides essential sports equipment such as soccer balls, ball pumps, soccer goals, speed ropes, basketballs, and more. One of their flagship initiatives is the K-State-Ed Chartrand Memorial Soccer Tournament. It attracts men’s and women’s teams from colleges across the Midwest. Further details about their various projects can be found on their website: Chartrand Foundation Projects

KCR’s Contribution to the Cause

KCR has a longstanding history of giving back to our community. The KCR team was soon able to lend its expertise to the Chartrand Foundation’s cause. The charity reached out for assistance in refinishing some metal shells used for trophies at their annual K-State Ed Chartrand Memorial Soccer Tournament. KCR was able to help. Taking the shells from their worn and damaged state to a polished mirrored finish, ensuring the trophies reflected the importance of the event they represented.