Situated at the intersection of 95th and Mission Road, the Ranch Mart Shopping Center holds significant importance for multiple generations of Johnson County residents. Originally envisioned by local homebuilder Vic Regnier, the center was designed to provide nearby homeowners with a convenient shopping and grocery destination. During its inception, Ranch Mart’s pioneering approach to design, merchandising, and architecture set the trends of the time, transforming it into a vital community hub.

Over the years, Ranch Mart became synonymous with the annual “County Fair,” a summer celebration featuring entertaining events like turtle races, frog jumping contests, and slippery pole climbing competitions. A free train offered rides through the parking lot, contributing to the center’s vibrant community atmosphere.

In 1968, Ranch Mart South emerged and current tenants include Starbucks, Bike Source, and the historic Glenwood Theatre, now known as the Glenwood Fine Arts Theatre. However, like many shopping centers, Ranch Mart South encountered challenges, particularly with the aging appearance of its structure. In 2018, a revitalization initiative took shape, spearheaded by the owners of Johnson County Management and Ranch Mart shopping centers—Bob, Vick, and Cathy Regnier.

The redevelopment efforts focused on giving Ranch Mart South a modern exterior, accompanied by interior improvements. Recently, the KCR team was called in to refinish and preserve the historic terrazzo floors on the lower level, yielding remarkable results.  KCR takes pride in contributing to this significant historical renovation, and the revitalization of Ranch March Shopping Center.  Join us in celebrating this transformation and visit Ranch Mart shopping center to experience the renewed splendor firsthand.