Tile and stone floors are an attractive and popular choice for many facilities. With the right care and maintenance, they can last a long time.  However, bringing in a professional is the most beneficial way to ensure cleaning is done the right way.

The biggest challenge when it comes to maintaining stone and tile floors is that customers often wait too long before calling a professional for cleaning and maintenance. At that point, the soil load is quite heavy. Also, cleaning teams may have cleaned the floors with the wrong type of cleaner for years, which can leave a detergent residue that attracts even more soils. As many cleaning chemicals are not pH neutral, they need thorough rinsing after cleaning.

The soil buildup is often more pronounced in the grout which attracts soils and releases them very differently. The use flat tools in an attempt to combat this can actually driving dry soils into the grout. Adding water from a spray mop afterward creates mud in the grout joints, making the cleaning task more difficult.  Cleaners can make routine services easier by substituting a broom for a dust mop to reach the low-lying area of the grout, removing dry soils before they get wet and become difficult to get rid of. Cleaning crews can also use a proper neutral cleaner during regular cleaning to keep detergent residue from attracting additional soils.

As well as initial maintenance and routine maintenance of these floors, restoration maintenance may be necessary. When the soils on the flooring become too heavy for removal from regular cleaning, it’s time to call a professional.  Professional contractors are able to assess the current condition, characteristics, installation issues, and any damaged areas. They use high-quality products, chemicals, pressure tools the flooring can handle, and use the correct ratio of water to prevent future problems. Too much water can create a large pore structure, allowing liquids to penetrate more easily and deeper.

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