Maintaining the exterior of a building can pay off in more way than one. With regular maintenance, thorough cleaning and strategic repairs, you can add years to the life of your building, keep tenants happy and prevent more costly damage. Attract current and potential tenants with a hot pressure washing program.

Whether it’s your building’s walls, the sidewalk out front or the parking area, you’re competing with a number of environmental factors to present a clean, professional building. Oil, mold, pollution, dirt, gum, spray paint and efflorescence can all make your building look dirty or old.

Hot pressure washers work by using water heated to 200 degrees Fahrenheit and a pump which forces the water through a constrictor nozzle. Hot water pressure washers have the ability to produce steam which is ideal to get surfaces spotless to the point where they’re germ free. How? The hotter the temperature, the lower the surface tension of water. Hot water contains fast moving, or excited, particles. This means the molecules spread apart, making it easier to expand and then loosen a stain, cut through grease and effectively kill bacteria and microorganisms.

Hot pressure washing is gentler than physically scrubbing the building surface, so materials like wood, brick, and paint experience less wear when they are cleaned. For this reason, you’ll be able to go longer without having to repair or resurface the building exterior.

Hot pressure washing on a regular basis is will keep your exteriors clean, healthy and maintain a professional image. By removing mold, algae and dirt, hot power washing also allows your building to last as long as possible. Hot power washing prevents the elements that lead to rot, deterioration and other damage that would require expensive repairs.

For more information about hot pressure washing, contact KC Restoration.  KC Restoration is a contractor Kansas City property and facility managers trust with all their stone, metal and wood projects.