When KC Restoration’s technicians complete their refinishing after business hours, they often get to see another beautiful side of the metro. This last week, they got to see the beautiful “Peace and Remembrance” light show on the north facade of the Liberty Memorial after completing work on site, applying patina to elevator entrances. You can check out the rich dark tones of the patina in these photos, and the view they got to enjoy of some of the over 5000 poppies lighting up the memorial through this Sunday and Veterans Day. The National World War I Museum and Memorial will be commemorating the 100th anniversary of the war’s armistice with a ceremony Sunday morning and a tolling of the bells of peace at 11am, exactly 100 years after fighting ceased in Europe. This weekend, veterans and active-duty military personnel will receive free admission to the museum, and for everyone else, tickets can be purchased online for half price for this weekend’s sober remembrance.