Wood surfaces- elegant and inviting, simple to clean, and can actually improve indoor air quality. Wood is more environmentally-friendly to produce and is also biodegradable.  In fact, when maintained properly, wood surfaces in a commercial facility can last longer than other options.  Wood surfaces have numerous additional advantages as well—making it a more sustainable and economic choice.

Even in the most demanding locations, given adequate care wood surfaces can last for generations with the proper maintenance plan.  KC Restoration has some tips for you to keep the wood in your properties maintain their best appearance.

Daily: Using a dusting pad or vacuum, remove any large debris and abrasive materials. The most critical component to making wood surfaces last is keeping them free of dirt or contaminants that can scratch or stain.

Monthly: Visually inspect wood surfaces in high-traffic areas for premature wear patterns that may be present in the finish. Clean wood surfaces with appropriate cleansers that will not damage or discolor wood.

As Needed: Inspect for areas of high-traffic or damage where the finish is affected or wear is visible. Contact a wood restoration professional for any areas that need sanding and refinishing.

The finish of a wood surface is its first line of defense and keeping it healthy is key to ensuring it lasts. It is important to maintain the finish so it’s not worn to bare wood. Compared to sanding and refinishing, the preventative maintenance of periodic re-coating heavy-traffic areas is an inexpensive procedure that can often be completed in just one day with little to no dust or disruption.

To determine the best maintenance plan for the wood surfaces in your facility, consult a professional. The team at KC Restoration can help you with all your wood restoration and refinishing needs.  Contact Russ today for a free consultation!