The elevators in a facility are used by almost everyone who visits or works there on a daily basis. There is not much to do during an elevator ride except to take in the view of your elevator, both inside and out. Elevator rides give an instant impression of your building. This is one reason it’s very important to keep your building’s elevator finishes well-maintained and attractive.

Most elevators have metal doors and frames, with various finishes inside which may include metal, wood, marble and glass.  Due to a variety of traffic, the doors, walls and floors frequently suffer from scratches, dings, scrapes, and sometimes vandalism.

Elevator doors which are often made from stainless steel, bronze or other common metals are at particularly high risk for damage. Common metals usually look shiny and clean, but are easily scratched and dented.  If proper maintenance is not performed, the appearance starts to look unappealing and uncared for over time.  The damage can even shorten the life of the doors.

Regularly scheduled inspections and restoration services depending on traffic will keep elevators looking their best.  Restoration services include the removal of all dings and scratches to the doors, refinishing any wooden surfaces and polishing and honing any marble or stone.  Removal of stubborn prints, stains, and repairing significant dings or scratches can be performed during a regular inspection.

Save money and plan your budget more effectively by including the maintenance and restoration of your elevator finishes with an annual preventive maintenance program. Enhance the look of your property and décor and set the right first impression! Contact KCR today for more information!