Commercial flooring can present many challenges for property and facility managers alike.  A clean and attractive floor is hard to maintain in many commercial spaces.  However, one type of surface is actually quite durable and easy to maintain.  Polished concrete is one of the most advantageous products on the market because of the many benefits it provides for commercial facilities.

Easy Maintenance

Polished concrete is extremely durable and stain resistant.  Most spilled liquids will not stain even if it takes a while for custodial staff to arrive.  It is also very difficult to chip or scratch.  Polished concrete is able to withstand chairs, tables, carts, forklifts, and other heavy materials being dragged or moved around it without damage.


Polished concrete has a variety of finishes available to provide the look that fits your space.  Warmer options are available for an inviting environment such as an office, retail, and healthcare settings. Simple and plain options are often chosen for industrial environments.

Health Conscious

Polished concrete is an optimal choice for building occupants because it is ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant, non-toxic, and does not harbor allergens. This helps ensure IAQ (indoor air quality) is not affecting the health of tenants and visitors.  Fire resistance is also another benefit that will reduce safety hazards in the workplace.

When considering a floor surface, polished concrete is a very attractive option with the many benefits it offers. If you need more information, KC Restoration can help! Contact russ@krestoration today!