Want to celebrate KC? We love that our hometown is home to over 200 working fountains, making Kansas City a true City of Fountains. This evening we all get to celebrate just one of the ways KC is so special: its beautiful fountains, each one having a unique and fascinating story that contributes to our community. That’s part of the reason we are Friends of the Fountains, and we can’t wait for tonight’s fun! Annually, the Feast of Fountains Food Truck Festival is organized to create a family-fun time to benefit the amazing City of Fountains Foundation. This year’s festival comes to an end with a bang at the Great Lawn at 18th & Vine. There will be live music, KC’s finest food trucks, and the Pink Ribbon Road Show rolls in to “drive breast cancer to the curb.” You’ll even get the chance to learn the stories about KC’s fountains like never before on guided tours. What will be your favorite fountain? The Fountain Basin with a bowl dating from 220 AD in the Rozzelle Court at Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art? The most photographed and iconic JC Nichols Memorial Fountain with the four horsemen representing the world’s four mightiest rivers? Or perhaps you already have a favorite; comment below; we are excited to hear about what makes Kansas City an exciting and beautiful place!