As lovers of all things Kansas City and the fountains that give our hometown the moniker of “City of Fountains,” KC Restoration is excited to hear that the Chouteau Heritage Fountain will have its first statue shown off at an unveiling this week: Mar 6 at noon in the Rotunda at City Hall. The completed monument will be located along the Chouteau Greenway in the north part of the metro and will recreate the river bluffs where Rock Creek and the Missouri River converge with waterfalls over 8-foot limestone rock and mist jets generating a fog over the river. Three larger-than-life sculptures by atop the bluffs will depict trade between KC founder Francois Chouteau and Native Americans. A fourth statue of a Native American hunter will be located just downstream. Wednesday’s unveiling will also see renowned sculptor Kwan Wu on hand; we hope to see you there too!