Congratulations  to Kone Elevators! KC Restoration noticed this week that they won Elevator World’s 2015 “Project of the Year” in the category of Escalator Modernization, and Kone ranked on the 2015 Global Most Sustainable Corporations in the World index.  The list is based on energy / carbon / water / waste productivity, innovation capacity, percentage tax paid, CEO to average worker pay, pension fund status, safety performance, employee turnover, leadership diversity, and clean capitalism pay link.

We are proud to work with an industry leader who makes sustainability a priority. KC Restoration agrees with Kone Elevators that every business should place value on our shared future as responsible members of society sharing a single interconnected global environment. Way to go!

To learn more about the Global 100, click on this link:

And to learn more about Kone’s project at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport for which they won “Project of the Year,” here is a link to their announcement: