HoodKC Restoration’s specialty is making your metal look its best whether through custom patinas and finishes for new metals or restoring older metal. We got to deliver some wonderful patinas when one of our clients, Gieske Custom Metal Fabricators created custom metal cooktop hoods for an architects’ high end clients. KC Restoration’s part of the production was to treat the hood with the finish the homeowners preferred. You can see examples of three of the hood finishes in the pictures below. They look beautiful and show off the wonderful products Gieske delivers and has been for 80 years.

From oil rubbed bronzes to aged copper and more, KC Restoration gives metal that special look you desire. Whether you want a completely new look or want to match something existing, KC Restoration completes each job with the highest standards of quality and workmanship. We love working on custom projects and with premiere companies in Kansas City like Gieske Custom Metal Fabricators.

Hood Hood Hood