Building maintenance is similar to preventive health in that both require proactive measures to ensure long-term health and performance.  We take care of our bodies to prevent illness and disease, we also take care of our buildings to prevent damage and accidents. Exterior building check-ups: Regular doctor visits can identify potential health issues before they become serious problems. Buildings also require regular inspections before minor issues escalate into serious problems.  Exterior surfaces that should be inspected on a regular basis include roofs, facades, windows, sidewalks, and parking lots.  By developing and adhering to an exterior building maintenance plan, you can keep your properties’ roofs, walls, foundations, and other vital components in good working order. Below are essential tasks to ensure building exteriors maintain a sightly appearance and remain safe: Regularly inspect your building’s outer shell: By scheduling regular exterior building inspections, building owners and managers can take steps to prevent damage and prolong the life of the building. Either you or the third party should look for any potential defect, for example, cracks, water intrusion, rust, or issues with windows and doors, and then come up with a plan for addressing them. Be on the lookout for leaks: Water intrusion is one of the biggest issues that building owners and managers of commercial and industrial properties deal with, it can escalate into more serious problems like flooding, mold, or rust. Even a minor leak, crack in a gutter, or rust on surfaces can turn into a big headache down the road. Avoid this problem by swiftly identifying the issues and contacting a professional to remedy the issue. Keep a constant eye out for defects and train your tenants to do the same. Keep your property looking good: In today’s fast-paced business world, it is easy to fall into the habit of not keeping up the appearance of an aging building. Without regular maintenance, you could be turning off potential new customers and business partners who come to visit your building. Deep exterior cleanings, fresh coatings, and other exterior elements can all go a long way in creating a more professional appearance—all while ensuring higher levels of safety and enjoyment for occupants. Start today: Just as we prioritize our physical health and mental well-being, we should also prioritize the health and well-being of our building through regular maintenance and upkeep.  As buildings age, it’s important to continuously evaluate the condition of their exteriors and take steps to either repair damage or prevent small issues from becoming major headaches. From the roof to the windows to the parking lot—and all points in between—putting time into superior exterior maintenance will pay off in the long run. Contact KCR today for a free consultation!