Today we have come to know the wide range of shapes and sizes that elevators come in, and we can fully appreciate the functionality and convenience they provide to building workers and visitors alike. Since almost everyone who visits a building uses the elevator, it is an important architectural feature to keep looking its best.

The common elevator receives numerous scratches and tarnishing in the course of its normal activity. Over time, repeated use will diminish the appearance and could affect curb appeal – including both sides of the doors as well as the interior of the elevator car. Normal wear-and-tear effects may cause woodwork and finishes to darken or fade and metal surfaces to smudge, oxidize, or lose luster.

Since an elevator is often one of the first impressions a visitor to a building experiences, unsightly elevator damage could have a negative impact over time. Psychologically speaking, a person’s surrounding can affect their general mood – and leave an emotional impression – either good, bad, or indifferent.

Luckily, aesthetic elevator repairs and regularly fixing scratches and blemishes can brighten and shine both wood and metallic surfaces. These services keep elevator doors and interiors pleasing to the eye. Oils from cleaners, fingers and heavy use can be cleaned and polished to look new.

All elevator restoration services can be performed safely during a pandemic. Our team takes all safety precautions and can customize a work schedule so work can be completed when the facility is not occupied or contains very few workers.

KC Restoration recently deep cleaned and removed scratches from satin finish stainless steel elevators at an office building during the pandemic. If you have elevators in need of services, contact KCR today!