An escalator is one of the first things patrons see when entering a hotel, airport or shopping center. No matter how clean the other areas of the building are, if the escalator is not clean people immediately can get a negative impression of the facility.  Also keep in mind that a dirty escalator can pose a risk to passengers. When escalator treads aren’t kept clean, they can become slippery due to the accumulated dirt, grime, and debris – this may open you to lawsuits or medical bills that you wouldn’t otherwise have.

Cleaning an escalator can seem like quite a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be a challenge if there is a plan and the right equipment is used.

Since escalators are not flat surfaces like floors or countertops, they require specific cleaning products and machines.  The grooves in the tread area of the step are a magnet for impacted dirt and are hard to remove. Facilities that have escalators of varying widths present unique problems for cleaning staff.

To solve these issues, it is best to develop a maintenance plan.  First, develop a cleaning schedule for your escalator, the same way you would for any other area that requires cleaning.  Most property and facility managers prefer to clean escalators during times the building is closed to visitors, or during the slowest traffic time if open 24/7.

Next, schedule the frequency for the escalator to be cleaned.  When trying to determine how often an escalator should be cleaned, the biggest factor you need to consider is the amount of traffic. If the structure happens to be used constantly, on a daily basis, it will require more frequent cleanings. Always consult the manufacturer’s instructions and a professional escalator when forming a cleaning schedule.

KC Restoration offers a convenient and cost-effective alternative to dismantling your escalator, which requires taking it out of commission for weeks.  We have a specialty escalator cleaning machine that cleans steps and risers simultaneously, cleaning the escalator in one shift, after hours – meaning no downtime for you.

If you have avoided cleaning because of the cost and inconvenience, you now have the opportunity to improve your building’s impression by cleaning the steps that people observe closely before they step on.  It can also be an effective, budget friendly supplement to your current escalator cleaning program.  Contact us today for more information!