Although escalators and people movers are convenient and efficient, they could pose a safety risk; if not cleaned and maintained.

Escalators and people movers are designed with many operational components including; the landing plate, decks, handrails, steps, and lights. The landing plate is the first part of the escalator and people movers experience by providing a place for the passengers to stand before they step onto the moving stairs.  Landing plate grooves promote safety; unfortunately, they also collect soil and dirt. The dirt inside these grooves can build up quite rapidly, become a safety hazard, and affect operation. Furthermore, certain types of dirt can be flammable, producing a significant safety risk. Periodic cleaning of the escalator and landing plates will significantly reduce these risks, extend the life of the mechanism, and improve the first impression.

The escalator cleaning and care plan should include the removal of dirt, debris, and scratch removal. The removal of scratches from the escalator or people mover will improve their look of them.

Keep in mind landing plates are not all alike. While modern escalators or movers are made of stainless steel or aluminum, the landing plates can be customizable with a color inlay.  Over time, the color inlay will fade, and the dirt left behind will create a traffic pattern in the landing plate.  Cleaning the landing plate will help improve its look, but metal refinishing will be needed to fix scratches and the color inlay.

Schedule inspections and maintenance with a professional contractor regularly. They can help you save thousands of dollars in repairs by offering updates and fixes within your budget. Don’t wait too long, you never know when commercial elevators and people movers may develop serious problems.