As it turns out, giving does more than simply warm our hearts. It has a positive impact on the company giving, the recipients, the community, and even the world. Whether donating money, goods, or time, giving back has been shown to make a positive impact that goes far beyond the initial act of giving. As if you needed another reason to love supporting the causes you are passionate about, check out these five ways that your gifts could improve the world around us.

It Makes Us Happy

Giving back releases endorphins, or those “good feeling” hormones.  One study showed that people experienced happier moods after giving. Without getting too scientific, it simply feels good to know that you are doing something for somebody else that needs it.

It Sparks a Ripple Effect

When others see you doing good, it can spark curiosity. Take advantage of the opportunity to talk with your clients and employees about your efforts to help specific causes and organizations. Then, watch as they make personal connections to the same cause, or become involved with organizations they are passionate about. Before you know it, your efforts to give back can cause a ripple effect.

It Improves Our Community

There is no doubt that organizations are set up to help make the world a better place, and your contributions will help make the change you want to see in the world. Whether you decide to contribute to an organization that serves your local community or communities oceans away, feel good knowing that you are taking steps to leave the world a better place than you found it.

It Leads to Altruistic Habits

The act of donating or volunteering once means you are highly more likely to do the same in the future. Small steps add up to great leaps when it comes to an altruistic lifestyle. Make a yearly goal for the money you want to raise or the number of hours you want to dedicate toward volunteering. Those numbers continue to rise in the weeks, months, and years to come.

It Makes Others Happy

Giving back could be the reason somebody else smiles. Whether your company has helped ensure somebody receives a hot meal, clean drinking water, an escape from abuse or so many other worthy causes, your donation could be literally life-changing for somebody in need. While you may never know the direct outcome of your donation, know that by giving back to your community, you have helped to make the world a better place.

The entire KCR team is dedicated to helping our city thrive by providing many opportunities to serve those in need.  We partner with our customers, employees, and local real estate organizations to help children, animals, veterans, and others in need several times a year.  If your company is interested in volunteering or donating to a specific organization, contact KCR and we can help.