A Lunch and Learn is an enjoyable blend of a learning and social event with a flexible concept.  It brings together people from across the company in a relaxed and friendly setting to collaborate, learn, share knowledge, and gather insights. There are several benefits to having a lunch and learn for your team.  Below are just a few.

#1 Convenience

A Lunch and Learn provides an opportunity for employees to learn and grow professionally without sacrificing their personal time or after-work hours. When workers do not have to leave the building to get a meal, they have more time to focus on work. A KCR (or vendor) provided meal is a way to show appreciation for their willingness to use free time for learning.

#2 Supports professional development

Learning in-depth about a new topic is good for team coordination and employees’ professional development. Career-minded employees are always looking for ways to improve their skills. Making it less of a burden for team members to keep their skills sharp benefits everyone. Learning at lunch shows new hires that they will have opportunities to grow and maintain their motivation throughout their tenure at a company.

#3 Cost-effective

Lunch and Learns are often more cost effective than traditional training programs since they don’t require hiring external trainers or renting training facilities.

KCR provides Lunch and Learn events for any company. We will provide your team with the lunch, food of your choice, and an educational and visual presentation that will not exceed 20 minutes. Our goal is to help you manage your facilities better by building partnerships that help property and facility managers meet their goals for owner and occupant satisfaction. Contact us anytime to set up a lunch and learn for your team!