Don’t let your customers enter and exit with these first and last impressions:


Your business can stand out from the competition with door handles that are clean, shiny, inviting an on trend. Create a professional and lasting impression for any commercial facility. While deciding on how to spruce up your door handles may seem like a minor decision, it truly is not. Businesses are now realizing the value of making a first impression before customers even walk in the door. One way to do this is through the door handles, which can convey a lot about what your guests can expect even before they walk through the door. You can leave your guests with an imprint in their mind as the first thing and the last thing they notice in their interaction time at your facility.

There are many different types of door handles that provides a look and feel for your facility. Door knobs, levers, and ones you pull or push to enter a building are all important components of your facility’s image. These can be quite ornate as they are designed to be longer in order to grab on to them better. Think of door handles as an extension of the theme you are trying to convey. Depending on your use, consider wear and tear and longevity as well.

Finish is important for door handles. A brass or chrome finish for your door handle will definitely look classic. However, it can also show fingerprints readily. It’s always best to choose a finish that will not only complement your other hardware in your facility, but also one that won’t require a lot of maintenance. While fingerprints and food (if you are a restaurant) are inevitable, these can be minimized with the right door finish.

KC Restoration can restore the look of your door handles back to their original beauty or change the finish to a more modern and cleaner look. Make sure your visitors enter and leave with a great impression!

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