Maintaining metal doors is crucial for their longevity. Exposure to elements like rain, humidity, or even oils from hands can lead to a metal door tarnishing. While some metal doors have protective coatings that act as barriers from the elements and oil, taking extra steps like cleaning and refinishing before applying a coating brings several advantages for a more effective and lasting result. Here’s why refinishing metal matters:

Surface Preparation:

Cleaning and refinishing metal removes etching, dirt, oil, rust, and contaminants, creating an optimal surface for the coating to adhere to.

Enhanced Durability:

Refinishing addresses existing damage on the metal surface, such as scratches and etching. By cleaning and refinishing the surface, the coating can provide better protection against future wear and tear, increasing the overall durability of the metal doors.

Consistent Appearance:

Refinishing helps achieve a smoother and more uniform surface, improving the doors’ aesthetic appeal. The coating is applied evenly, avoiding uneven thickness and potential weak points.

Aesthetic Improvement:

Refinishing can restore the original appearance of the metal doors or provide an opportunity for a new look. Aesthetically pleasing doors not only contribute to the overall appearance of a building or space but also enhance the cleanliness of the property.  Well-maintained doors make a positive impact, elevating the overall impression of the building.

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