Many facility and property managers struggle with how to transform outdated and worn entrances, elevators and other metal interior surfaces into clean, modern and appealing finishes that will enhance the image of their facility.

Managers often want shiny stainless steel or custom patina, but they worry about the cost of purchasing and installing brand new metal assets.  However, there is a more cost-effective solution.  You can achieve the look you want for your metal finishes with refinishing services.  Metal refinishing transforms the look of existing architectural metal at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Many organizations face tremendous pressure to increase tenant and visitor satisfaction scores through superior aesthetic value and cleanliness. Professional architectural refinishing services helps to attain these goals.  Worker satisfaction is essential to the success of any business. A well-maintained facility makes occupants feel safe, comfortable and confident. Building materials, maintenance programs and other aspects can all influence perceptions.

From entryways to elevators to bathrooms, the look and feel of a building makes a difference. Dirty and damaged surfaces can degrade the experience of a visitor and occupant, but proactive maintenance and restoration services can help ensure a positive experience.

When it’s time to revitalize the look of an older building, consider metal restoration instead of replacement and avoid the cost and inconvenience of installing new assets. Our team of experts can help you upgrade the image of your facility by restoring any satin, mirror, stainless, copper, aluminum, bronze or brass finishes.  Our technicians can work around your schedule to complete the job on time while minimizing disruptions to visitors and staff. For more information, contact KCR today!