KC Restoration recently purchased a new piece of cleaning equipment designed to clean moving walkways. This machine will add value for several of our customers who need these services. This professional cleaning machine is designed to effortlessly clean any brand, size, or style of moving walkways within a few hours. It works in dry sweep and wet scrub modes, deeply scrubbing and drying steps while the walkway is moving.

The unique dual brush system aggressively lifts and removes grease, stones, spillages, and trodden dirt, while a powerful vacuum ensures full water and debris pick up, leaving the people mover perfectly clean and ready for use. This machine is ideal for the restoration of neglected people movers and regular maintenance cleaning.

The machine is safe and easy to use. It is also ergonomically designed for total operator comfort and its compact design makes it incredibly easy to transport.

An unclean moving walkway detracts from building aesthetics, affects customer opinion, and is susceptible to damage.  This damage results in increased maintenance services, downtime, and costs. Regularly cleaning escalators will extend the working life while adding value to your business. Contact KC Restoration which uses the machine that is revolutionizing moving walkway cleaning.