Thumbs upKC Restoration, LLC was created with multiple goals in mind: beautify homes, workplaces and communities; save municipalities, businesses and home owners money; become a major employer; hire veterans and donate 10% of our profits to veterans’ organizations. We seek to be known for our quality work, customer satisfaction and making a difference for veterans and their families.

We have received training from experts across the country, learning the tricks of the trade and secrets to making metal look new, and in some cases, better than new! Since we developed this newfound passion, we have noticed faded, weathered, scratched (and dare I say UGLY!) stainless steel and bronze elevators, doors, and plaques. They do not reflect the businesses or communities where we find them. We think to ourselves, “If they only knew that in a few short days we could have those metal surfaces shining again. There would be an appearance of a complete remodel for just a fraction of the cost!” If more people thought like we did, the world would be a brighter, shinier place.

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