Bill and I have always shared a passion for public service.  In our separate careers in law enforcement and education, and through volunteer work, we had been investing in our communities our entire lives.  When we relocated to Kansas City, we sought new ways to contribute to our new home community. We determined that we could contribute, develop new relationships and improve the lives of others by building a business.

We cherish the long-term relationships that we have developed with our customers.  While we appreciate their business and loyalty, we are most grateful for their friendship and encouragement.  They have provided sincere feedback that has helped us to continually improve.  They know that we are only a call away and can be trusted to respond to them quickly and provide them with recommendations that are in their best interests.  We find satisfaction in knowing that we have allowed our customer-friends to avoid transactional relationships and instead enjoy mutually beneficial professional friendships in which we each support each other.

As our company has grown, we have created a team that has become family.  We work together to build a company that is capable of benefiting all. Everyone is continually growing and improving their lives both professionally (gaining skills and professional certifications) and personally (incentivized to stop smoking, receiving benefits and retirement contributions). Whether it is building a career that allows one to buy their first home, or allowing another to work part-time to spend time with their children, we are motivated to help each meet their individual goals while they contribute to our shared success. Our greatest compensation is seeing those around us find happiness. It is rewarding to know that the creation of this business has improved the lives of those we care about.

LeAnn Luemmen, Co-Founder and CEO