KCR’s 2023 Project of the Year is the University of Kansas City (UMKC) University Playhouse.


Step into the history of this remarkable venue, originally comprised of structures from an air force base in Neosho, Missouri, which was relocated to UMKC in the late 1940s. In 1948, the movie theater on the premises transformed into the UMKC Playhouse by positioning the building over a newly constructed basement workshop. The resulting structure provided a home for the Varsity Players, later renamed the University Players. Despite the humble origins of the building, the Playhouse was far superior to the tents where plays had been performed in earlier days. It served campus, community, and professional productions until its closure in 1976.


Today, the decorative patio, along with a once large fireplace now used as decoration for two intricate ceramic masks representing Comedy and Tragedy, remains. However, the distinctive hood adorning the patio bore the brunt of exposure to the elements. Our skilled technicians effectively cleaned and refinished the hood, a main highlight of the landmark. The application of a custom patina finish and a protective coating also helps preserve its appearance for the years ahead. Situated amidst the central quad, library, and student centers, this cherished campus site will continue to be beautiful, fulfilling its purpose as a hub for student gatherings and hosting social and community events.

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