KC Restoration Culture Series – each month we are highlighting a different company value.  Since this is the time for New Year’s resolutions and self-improvement, we thought it would be a good time to talk about our value of Excellence.

Striving for excellence and setting a New Year’s resolution are similar in many ways:

  • They seek to improve us
  • Both succeed when you start with a big idea and break it down into small goals.
  • They change a behavior; which happens over time
  • They require support from others
  • They require us to be realistic, we won’t always get it right, but we need to try
  • They require us to look at who we are today and where we want to be in the future

At KC Restoration, we believe each of us has the potential to learn more and change our behavior.  You can see striving for excellence in our training program.  We look at each technician current skill set and set a plan (with goals) for where we want them to be in 3month/6months.  Once we have set a plan, then we look at learning opportunities to fulfill the plan or goal.  Striving for excellence starts with a conversation about the future.

KC Restoration’s value of Excellence. Good enough never is. Learn and improve from every experience. A strive for excellence consistently improves our quality:

  • We will support you in improving and gaining new skills through training on site or classes.
  • We expect you to never settle, always strive to improve daily.
  • Don’t repeat the same mistakes.
  • Failures are opportunities to improve, not blame.

If you want to read more about Excellence or how to obtain your goals, might we suggest one of these books:

  • In Search of Excellence by Tom Peters
  • Good to Great by Jim Collins
  • Striving for Excellence by John Szarlan, Suman Singha, and Scott W. Brown
  • Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy
  • Beyond Performance: How Great Organization Build Ultimate Competitive Advantage by Colin Price and Scott Keller
  • Mindset by Carol S. Dweck Ph.D.