KC Restoration Culture Series – each month we are highlighting one of our company values.  This month we discuss our company’s value of Integrity. Here at KC Restoration, we see communicating integrity like a coach leading a team; you need to talk about it, write about it, demonstrate it and live it.

Integrity: Live and speak the truth. Obey laws and regulations. Be fair.

  • We will obey laws and regulations, tell you the truth and strive for fairness.
  • We won’t work with or for people we don’t trust.
  • We expect you to be honest, admit mistakes.
  • Obey rules and regulations.

In the media, companies have violated integrity by misrepresentation, coverups, or omissions.   But integrity is more than a company trait; it’s an individual trait.   In a way, we are our own CEO of our ethics and integrity.  Whether we are on social media, in a meeting, or at a football game, our integrity is on display for all to see.  True integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is looking and having our words and actions match.  We need to make sure we are aligning with companies and people who share our same values.

There are always going to be good people who make bad choices.   Sometimes bad decisions stem from the situation not being black or white, so we struggle with the right decision.  This shade of grey will look different for different people and organizations.  Other times bad choices are made because we see others doing it, so we think it’s okay for us.   We justify our decision and assume we didn’t hurt our integrity.  However, we damage our integrity and reveal our true values when we say one thing but do another and rationalize it based on the situation.  It is important that we recognize when we are conflicted and seek trustworthy support, someone who shares our values and can strengthen our resolve to live with integrity. We all benefit from having someone in our lives to hold us accountable and encourage us to make the best choices.

It will take intentionality, effort, and practice on our part in order to maintain our integrity.  Exercise your values, instincts, and beliefs by putting yourself in difficult situations or thinking about how you would handle different situations.  Seek out advice from others if you are unsure how to handle a situation. While holding to our values could come with a financial or relational cost, we will be rewarded with self-respect and a strengthened reputation.