Kansas City is fortunate to have one of the country’s most skilled customer patina experts to serve our local community.  KCR receives requests from across the US, but our local commercial buildings, municipalities, and residents benefit the most from our talent.

Patina finishes are sought after by those looking for a custom high-end metal finish that makes a statement.  These finishes are either created by nature through oxidation or corrosion due to exposure to the environment (often observed as a green finish on exterior metal), or they are hand applied by skilled artisans.  Either way, each piece will be unique. Natural patina can damage the surface.   KCR’s skilled artisans can refinish metal pieces with a patina look that preserves the material and stops additional damage.

Patina can be applied to newly fabricated or existing metal.  We can apply patina to newly fabricated metal or update older surfaces. Customers can choose from a variety of colors, such as green,  blue-green, brown, or black tones. When hand applied, finishes can be streaked or mottled, giving the customer a result that meets their desired appearance.

Benefits of Patina include:

  • Unique appearance: A custom patina finish allows for the creation of a unique and personalized appearance that cannot be replicated with standard finishes.
  • Aged look: A custom patina finish can be used to give a new piece an aged or antique appearance, which can be desirable in certain styles of interior design.
  • Protection: A custom patina finish can help protect the surface of the material being treated from further damage or corrosion.
  • Increased value: In some cases, a custom patina finish can increase the value of a piece, particularly if it is an antique or vintage item that has been restored and given a custom finish.
  • Sustainability: A custom patina finish can be a sustainable alternative to traditional finishes, as it can help extend the life of an object and reduce the need for replacement.

When a painter or coater mentions patina, they are simply referring to a color, not the skilled hand-applied process. If looking for a custom color and finish, one that provides character and unique results, you will need to work with skilled artisans.  You have likely already seen our work in buildings and on several notable statues throughout the area.  Please contact Russ Miller if you would like to discuss the possibilities for your projects!