2020 sure was an unforgettable year that most of us would probably like to forget!  2020 was a very hard year for many.  Many of us were affected by losing a job, losing pay or benefits, having school or daycare shut down, becoming ill from coronavirus or losing a loved one. KC Restoration, like many small businesses, suffered our fair share of hardships.
We lost a few good employees and operations were challenging during the pandemic.  Testing protocols, new safety precautions, and quarantine regulations presented new obstacles to overcome. However, our team managed to persevere to get the job done during very difficult times.
The team at KCR looks forwards to 2021 and the excitement it will bring for our company!  We expect operations to still be affected by the pandemic as we start the year off. However, as we get into spring and summer, we are hopeful that the Covid-19 vaccine will bring some level of normalcy back to our lives and company.
We are excited to be launch a brand-new website and service offering in 2021! Be on the lookout for these changes.  We are also looking forward to see our customers in-person safely.  Whether it’s an outdoor lunch-and-learn this summer or a quick visit to drop off information or gift to you, our team can’t wait!
Below is our Instagram Top 9 for 2020. Cheers to the Chiefs Super Bowl win in 2020 and best wishes for 2021!
-The KCR Team