If the metal surfaces in your facility are scratched, dirty or have a dated appearance, consult with a professional about your options.   Not all metal needs to be replaced.  You can easily clean, restore and even change the color of the metal surfaces in your facility.

Metal Transformation

KC Restoration can take a mirror finish and transform it to a satin finish.  If you are looking for a textured finish or pattern in the metal, consider a random or orbital design (this is especially good for high traffic areas that get scratches).  Stainless steel can be changed to a blackened patina finish.  Bronze can be transformed into a wide variety of color – brown, rubbed oiled bronze (a blackish tone).

Metal Restoration

If metal surfaces appear dirty, worn or scratched, metal refinishing services are often able to restore the metal’s appearance to look new again.  Metal refinishing removes dents, scratches, and defects from metal surfaces using professional tools and chemicals. The processes include grinding, sanding, filling uneven surfaces, polishing, coating, and etching decorative details.

Metal refinishing can also make it more resistant to rust, corrosion, and wear. Without proper refinishing, metal can be damaged quickly by air pollutants, chemicals and normal wear. Additional benefits of metal refinishing are:

Surface Beautification: The slightly abrasive nature of polishing metal helps rid the surface of scratches, nicks, and more. When buffing these surfaces shininess and cleanliness is achieved.

Surface Durability: Metal polishing acts as a protective sealant to metal surfaces, meaning it stops oxidation. This change means your metal surfaces are much less likely to wear or corrode.

Surface Cleanliness: The level of a finish that metal polishing offers your building’s material means it’s less likely to hold germs. The will polish continues to act as a layer or buffer between the metal and any dirty hands, for example, and wipe clean easily.

Whether it is elevators, frameworks, walls, or doors, consider refinishing and transforming your metal surfaces instead of replacing it.  KC Restoration is here to help!