If you have ever been in a hotel, commercial building, apartment complex, or any other building that gets quite of bit of foot traffic, odds are there is some damage to the elevators. There can be several causes of elevator damage such as luggage hitting a wall panel causing a dent in a hotel elevator, someone moving furniture out of the building, or even a rebellious person deciding to vandalize public property while no one’s looking.

Because of these situations, it’s important to evaluate the building for what could occur in the elevators and determine the best way to minimize any future damage by choosing the right materials for elevator interiors.

Try using materials that are not only resistant to scratches and dents, but will also look great in your elevators. KC Restoration’s recommendation: orbital designs. There has been a significant increase of orbital design usage in elevators for the past few years. KC Restoration offers a variety of different patterns which can complement different interior styles. These are ideal for avoiding scratches while also not breaking the bank.

In terms of durability, the material and patterns are made to disguise dents and scratches. So, not surprisingly, it is very used in elevators that get high traffic such as hospitals, industrial facilities, retail shops, and others.

Metal types and patterns can be mixed and matched to break away from a boring, monochromatic look as well. Custom etched designs also add appeal and provide a pleasing look. Fun, unique and eye-catching textiles can really bring a space to life and brighten up the sometimes-dull work environment.  For more information regarding orbital designs, contact KC Restoration today!