Workers are starting to return to their offices as more people get vaccinated and the number of Covid-19 cases drop. However, commercial building design has been dramatically altered by the Covid-19 pandemic. Property managers and tenants alike are adjusting to their new normal with new design trends, redesign of spaces, and certain restrictions in place that may be in place for long time.  New office design and trends for 2021 and the post-pandemic era includes the following components.

Outdoor Spaces

As communities continue limiting (and completing shuttering, in some cases) indoor operations in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more businesses turn to design and architectural firms to expand their outdoor space. In particular, restaurant design has taken a swift pivot to focus on developing or adding patios, rooftop areas, and more to accommodate al fresco meals.

Offices and other commercial buildings are also looking for creative outdoor space ideas, including shared terraces and outdoor break/lunch areas.

Industrial Style

Another commercial design trend that’s been around for a while and isn’t going anywhere is industrial-style architecture and decor. From metal furniture to exposed utilities and brick walls to raw wood elements, industrial-style offices pair well with the biophilic trend, creating a unique and creative environment full of personality.

Light Woods

Light-colored wood from floor to ceiling is about to become a huge trend. This ties right back into bringing nature elements into your workspace. Light wood gives off an airy and light feel to a room which can make it feel very casual and comfortable. Even if you decide it’s not a great fit for your floors or walls, many furniture designs are now incorporating this color after IKEA has shown great success with it.

Sustainable Elements

The design world has never been more enthralled with natural materials which can drive the sustainability we need. Environmentally conscious decisions come to the forefront as many companies will be moving towards creating more green solutions for their pieces. Not only is this great for the environment, but it also helps drive the message of creating a greener world.

As you tour the facilities you manage, take a deeper look, and pay close attention to the colors and decor. Ask yourself if your buildings are looking a bit dated and drab and lacking the energy and professionalism that it deserves. By implementing even just a few of these trends you’ll breathe a bit of life back into your facilities.

Be prepared to invite your tenants and customers into a new and improved space.  Contact KCR today to discuss how you can bring your office into 2021 with style.