Every property and facility manager wants all flooring surfaces to appear clean and lustrous year after year. However, tile and grout floors gradually lose their sleekness and shine over the course of time. Regular mopping does not achieve the desired results because dirt gets embedded so deep inside that restoration is not attainable unless a professional cleaning service is hired. Having a healthy and immaculate appearance is important for commercial facilities and is crucial to any business because it creates a welcoming environment. Janitorial cleaning, mopping and scrubbing will not be able to remove the deeply penetrated particles from the porous grout. Grout accumulates dirt and also absorbs moisture making the particles sticky. Even though mopping is a vital part of everyday industrial and commercial maintenance and cleanliness procedures, it doesn’t quite remove all the contaminants and the grime from the grout. This leads to the gradual build-up of the contaminants which will make the floor appear dull and dirty. Cleaning and restoring tile and grout surfaces to their original luster professionally is a highly effective solution. Restoration contractors employ high power equipment and specialized products including industrial grade cleaners that break through the adhesive residues and extract the soiled grout. Even after your tile and grout floors have been professionally cleaned and restored, continued maintenance is important. Experienced technicians are able to give you professional advice on how to keep your tiles looking pristine and how to avoid discoloration. For more information on how to provide an attractive first impression and appearance with clean and sparkling tile and grout, contact KC Restoration today!